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Derrynacanna, Ballintubber, Co. Mayo

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746,500 sq.m.

0 kWh/m2/yr


Comprising c 74.65 Hectares
(c. 184.5 Acres) & Entitlements
To be sold in one or more lots

Central and accessible locations
Castlebar / Westport / Ballinrobe
Multiple Divisions of Land
5 Enclosed Divisions



LANDS COMPRISING 4.115 Ha (10.17 Acres)

Map Identification oeB244 comprising 4.115 Hectares (10.17 Acres)

This division comprises 4.115 hectares ( 10.17 acres) and extends west from the lane adjacent to the farm yard along side the main Ballintubber/Killawalla Road for a distance of approximately 375 metres and crossing the Cullentragh/Derrew junction. In the main, this is good quality grazing land with generous frontage to both the Killawalla and Derrew roads. Total c. 550 metres.

2020 ENTITLEMENTS = c. 490

West of Derrew Road " 1.25 hectares
Residual " 2.6 hectares west of the lane way (approx.)

FOLIOS MY40363F (PART) & MY47398F " LOT 2

Part A " Plots A2B43 / 14214 / 15 on attached Map " 9.507 hectares (23.49 acres)

This is a singular division located on a laneway directly opposite Lot 1 in the townland of Derrynacanna. (This lane extends from the Killawalla Road to the Claureen River). The subject division is just a few hundred metres off the Killawalla/Ballintubber Road and fronts both sides of the access lane, the bulk of the lands being on the western side of same. The land quality on this side is for the most part very good grazing and meadow quality and extends from the lane to the Aille River, while on the eastern side of the lane there are 2 small fields, but these are rougher in quality and somewhat overgrown.

2020 ENTITLEMENTS = c. 1,018

Part B " Folio MY47398F " Townland of Derrynacanna

These are accessed from the same lane and extend from this to the junction of the Claureen and Aille Rivers. This division comprises 8.86 hectares (21.89 acres) and includes 2 large fields of reasonably good quality level grazing land.

2020 ENTITLEMENTS = c. 1,030

FOLIO MY30123F " LOT 3

These lands also front the Derrew Road but are approximately 600 metres north of its junction with the Killawalla/Ballintubber Road. This Folio comprises a total of 37.11 hectares (91.70 acres) and is divided by the Derrew Road.

15.18 hectares (37.51 acres) are located on the western side. This, for the most part, is good grazing quality, which would lend itself to some improvement, but also benefits from approximately 750 metresTMfrontage to the Derrew Road. (Site potential subject to Planning Permission).

On the alternate side of the road there is a further 21.93 hectares (54.19 acres). About 50% of this could be described as from fair to good quality grazing land with multiple paddocks within the area, while the remainder is primarily bog land over which there are multiple turbary rights.

2020 ENTITLEMENTS = c. 2,604

FOLIO MY15759F " Townland of Derrynacanna - LOT 4

This comprises 6.8 hectares (16.80 acres) of land situate on both the east and north sides of the Derrew Road approximately 300 metres from its junction with the Killawalla/Ballintubber Road.

The lands on the western side are reasonably good grazing to the front, while the area further west is of a lesser standard. There is generous frontage with this division, c. 100 metres, which should offer some residential development potential, subject to Planning Permission.

The lands on the eastern side of the Derrew Road tend to be poorer quality and low lying and for the most part overgrown with scrub. However, as it extends in a westerly direction the ground level raises and it extends to the farm lane adjacent to the farmyard and beyond.

The lands on the eastern side of the subject lane are for the most part good quality grazing, however, as the gradient falls the quality again begins to deteriorate.

2020 ENTITLEMENTS = c. 745

FOLIO MY14214 (PART) " LOT 5

This division includes 2 enclosed holdings in the townland of Cullentragh situate approximately 500 metres south of the Killawalla/Ballintubber Road at its junction with the Derrew Road.

The first plot comprises 1.53 hectares (3.78 acres) of top quality grazing/meadow land with a traditional out office thereon.

2020 ENTITLEMENTS = c. 172

The second plot, which is about 450 metres further south along the Cullentragh Road, comprises 6.74 hectares (16.65 acres) of mixed quality lands, which are divided by the Cullentragh Road. The bulk of the division is situated on the east side of same and is partly overgrown alongside the road, however as it extends towards the Aille River there are a number of reasonable quality plots suitable for grazing. The smaller area on the western side of the roadway is primarily bog land and unfenced.

2020 ENTITLEMENTS = c. 566

FOLIO MY14214 (PART ) " Cullentragh " LOT 6

Commonage "

Comprises a one undivided eighth part of 111.607 hectares (275.786 acres) in the townland of Cullentragh, together with one undivided fifth part of 0.25 hectares (0.64 acres) also in the townland of Cullentragh.

This representing share of approximately 14.00 hectares (34.6 acres).

2020 ENTITLEMENTS = c. 1,089